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Protimax International, established since 2005, diversified trading company providing and supplying industrial & agro machinery, equipment, poultry breeders, chemicals, feed additives, feed ingredients, food, commodities etc. and services for industries & capital machinery:
  • Feed Mills Machinery & Equipment
  • Rice Milling Machinery & Equipment
  • Flour Milling Machinery & Equipment
  • Grain/Oil Seed Dryer, Grain Storage Silo, Storage Engineering & Handling
  • Starch Industry/Engineering, Starch Further Processing
  • Oil & Fat Extruding & Refinery
  • Soya Protein Concentrate Engineering
  • Extrusion Equipment for feed & food industry
  • Steel Structure Engineering
  • Poultry House Equipment: Breeding Farm, Commercial Farms (Broiler, Layer, Duck) Cages for Poultry, Feeding & Drinking System, Slats, Side Curtains, Ventilation System & Environment Control, Manual & Automatic Egg Laying Nest & Collection and related equipment
  • Poultry Hatchery Equipment/ Incubator
  • Organic Fertilizer Processing Equipment, Fertilizer Turn-key Project
  • Poultry & Livestock Processing, Further Processing Equipment
  • Parent Stock for Broiler/Poultry
  • Feed Ingredients & Feed Additives
  • Food Grade & Industrial Grade Chemicals
  • Specialization in providing sourcing solutions.
  • Technology transfer through application of local understanding needs.
  • Reliability and consistency on quality services.
  • Counseling mindset by our team through TQS Chain Management.
  • Targeted solution providing capability focusing on “The Right Time, The Right Technology with The Right Product.

TQS (Technology, Quality & Supply):

  TQS Chain Management Network
  • Is a philosophy and the core essence at “Protimax”.
  • Is reflected in our everyday behavior as solutions provider.
  • Is at the heart of how we work and the value creation- our assurance for our products and services.
  • Specialization in providing sourcing solutions.
  • To be the largest, most respected most renowned company.
  • Our foreign partners’ size gives us competitive advantage to support our customers in terms of continual technological developments, innovations, services, economic success, sustainability, transparency, clear ethical behavior and through it all, we ensure quality products and services to our customers.
  • Integrity and respect for people. To work with our customers on the basis of respect, honesty and fairness.
  • Commitment to industry, economic, social and environmental responsibilities.